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Recently Asked Questions

The hospital is located at Subidhnagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu.
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Comprehensive eye care including all the ophthalmic and optometric services. We do have ocular diagnostics and surgeries services for various eye conditions.

Through our webpage, or calls (+977-1-5104756 / 9803137234) or direct emails (metroeyecarenepal@gmail.com) or even through our official Facebook page.

Unless, the pupils are not necessarily dilated the comprehensive evaluation may take 10-20 minutes depending upon the case. If the pupils are to be dilated, additional time may take until the pupils are dilated. (To note, normal cases takes about 30 minutes for fully dilatation.)

We accept payments through Cash, Debit/Credit cards, Fonepay and Esewa.

Recently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We are constantly adding most frequently asked question to this page.

Currently, we do not have low vision care. We are in a planning to add in the days to come.

Yes, we provide the services as per the designated scheme for Social Security Fund Members.

We provide Fred Hollows, Aurolab and Alcon IOLs as of now. Additionally, Toric IOLs are also in the list in case of needful cases.
All the IOLs are single vision lens, meaning they correct a particular range of distance (either for distance or near). We generally target the patient to get rid off glasses for distance and prescribe needful glass number for near as per visual demands.

Apart from the conventional approach, we do provide computer-based vision therapy for Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) through Neurapy.

Diabetic patients’ eye has have to be examined by retina specialist. For detail examination, pupils must be dilated. The retina experts may ask you for retina photography, scanning and other various tests as per necessary.

Cataract surgery are, now, considered to be day-care services. Thus, we generally discharge on the same day, few minutes to be exact!